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Do you want freedom?  Join our community of Freedom Educators and design the life of your dreams.  Your life’s purpose is within reach and soon you will learn to unlock your passion, break through limiting beliefs, and cultivate better habits.  This is the time to develop the skills that will alter your life forever.

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Freedom is a choice.  Make it your reality by choosing from a number of our free digital courses that are designed to help you reach your full potential.

Solar Accelerator

Follow the blueprint to becoming a self-made entrepreneur in the rapidly growing solar industry

Three to Free

Take the first step towards living a life of time, location, and financial freedom.

What Our Students Are Saying

"The Freedom Academy shared powerful wisdom and useful tools to level up your life...Working with Charles has greatly enriched my life. I am so grateful for his wisdom & passion to positively impact those around him"
Mary Sopha
Solar Energy Consultant
"I had been operating on some assumptions that I never took the time to fully question. These were things that I realize now kept me stuck in a loop of the status quo. Working with Charles as an advisor has helped me see the world and what's possible very differently..."
Janice Vaughan
National Roofing Advisor / Sr. Solar Energy Consultant
"Charles leads by example and has also taught me how to respond when appropriate versus reacting. The lessons learned from Charles are invaluable not only for business but also in life."
Jonathan brunasso, MBA
Sr. Solar Consultant
"After learning the freedom philosophy and getting to know Charles, I've not only learned how to work smarter and free more time to spend with my family, but also found an inspiring educator I can relate to and learn from with confidence"
Gal 'Gigi' Goffer
Sales Expert Trainer & Mentor